Tutorial: Using Phases

Here’s a glimpse into how we create our products at Grateful Body. This tutorial is about the Liquid Phase guideline.  I have followed this practice over the last 20 years, and with much research and experimentation, come to believe that is it the best approach to creating truly effective skin care products.

The Liquid Phase guideline is based on recognizing the two classes of liquids: watery types of liquids and oily types of liquids.  All formulating decisions are based on this. For product development, we identify the three different phases made from these two classes of liquids.

The first phase is called the Aqueous Phase and encompasses only water-based, non-oil liquids. Examples of aqueous phase ingredients includes such watery liquids as tinctures, extracts and infusions, fruit and vegetable juices, flower remedies, vinegars, gels, hydrosols and other distillations.  Our Toners, Mask and Phytonics are examples of aqueous phase products.

The second phase is called the Lipid Phase and includes only oils. The lipid phase ingredients we use at Grateful Body are the botanical oils extracted from various seeds, kernels and nuts.  Our Boosters and Body Oils are examples of lipid phase products.

The third phase is called the Emulsion Phase and is a mixture of the aqueous phase and lipid phase liquids mentioned above.  Our cremes and lotions are emulsions. I play with the proportions of water and oil to get different thicknesses and textures and to design useful variations for the different skin types.  Our Moisturizers, Cleansers and Serums are classic examples of emulsion phase products.

Why is it useful to know these phases?   Because it helps you to choose the most beneficial and effective skin care products for your own individual skin circumstance.  Our skin cells are a hybrid affair; for they have both an oily surface and a watery interior.  This means that topically, the skin can receive nourishment in three different ways, each a fresh opportunity to infuse a broad spectrum of vital nutrients into your skin.

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