Product Spotlight: Bloom Phytonic

Bloom is our Phytonic for sensitive skin. My intent for this product was to create a nutrient-dense formula in the aqueous phase category. (see an explanation HERE) Each phase, whether it be aqueous, lipid or emulsion, has a particular quality that gives it an advantage for delivering certain nutrients to the skin.  So Phytonics are our nutrient-dense products in the aqueous phase, Serums are the nutrient-dense products in the emulsion phase, and the Boosters are the nutrient-dense products in the lipid phase. We have suggested that people use one product from each phase category to maximize nutrient absorption by the skin.

Since the Bloom Phytonic is an aqueous phase product, it is oil free. Each Phytonic has five main parts within the formula; the tincture extract, the infusion, the hydrosol blend, the juice blend and the flower essence blend. These five parts are given further support by a particular spagyric extract and a specific gum resin extract.  The herbs within the tincture extract and infusion portions (arnica, blackberry, self-heal, speedwell, sheep sorrel, figwort and borage) have masterly abilities to reduce inflammation; they promote tissue repair, help with tissue congestion and can generally minimize chronic toxicity that might be within the skin.  Sorrel cools, borage specializes in reducing the dryness associated with irritation and it’s possible that arnica can help with vitamin D production.

The hydrosol blend (helichrysum, yarrow, chamomile and st. johnswort) is designed to calm and restore skin tissue and these plants are commonly used to benefit stressed skin. Bloom contains cabbage and parsley juice. Cabbage juice has a naturally high sulfur content that is useful for acne and blemishes and other skin eruptions, and contains powerful antioxidant phytonutrients which can stimulate the detoxifying action of certain enzymes. Parsley juice, with a natural high vitamin C content, also has a detoxifying action and stimulates the natural production of collagen which is key to skin repair.

The flower essence of crab apple and beech work on a more subtle level. Dr. Bach feels that crab apple is the classic remedy for cleansing, in this case for any toxic material concealed in body/mind/emotion patterns. Crab apple has long been used to treat skin disorders, while beech can help remove negative emotional patterns that culminate in skin issues.  The spagyric (an exceedingly potent tincture) found in Bloom is milk thistle; a specific for liver support which traditionally helps resolve skin issues. The gum resin is copal which I’ve chosen for energy cleansing.  Medical plant literature also confirms the use of copal for skin conditions in certain cultural traditions.

All the Phytonics contain fermented turmeric, cacao bean extract, chia seed gel, and red shiso vinegar, which further complete the soothing and healing qualities of the Bloom nutrient profile.

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